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Stefanie Tendler is Lalalopoberlin

​Born in Heidelberg, Stefanie Tendler  studied Tourism, and worked in Business Travel before she ended up studying again at FU Berlin and gradauted with a BA of Arts in Publication and Communication in 2016. 
Since her main interest have always been cultural and artistic movements, she moved to Berlin, Germany’s capital and center of creativity.

She has been involved in numerous projects, from photo exhibitions, music video shoots, film productions, experimental theatre, to managing the band The Trouble Notes and cofounding the initiative Berlin Street Music. 
Always attracted by the various forms of art and means of expressing oneself she chose photography as a her own medium to capture the

multi-facetted environments she encounters during her travels. 


Through her studies and working with different music groups, Stefanie regularly travels to different parts of the world, fascinated by their cultures.

A lot can be inferred about a culture through it's people but also architecture. Though the buildings differ in shape and size, one thing remains constant, their functionality. To Stefanie stairs represent this concept better than all. Designed to connect different levels of a building and serve as a conduit for passage, the observer is able to distinguish between function and freedom of expression. The stairs bridge the gaps between the different levels of design for the architect, and illustrate the artistic influence of the design.​

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